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My favourite 15 songs

This post was inspirited by Amen, Kafka, Shion
For any jokes around that someone spread the rumor about me (Scarletsius was finished to translate) okay this month I can’t post so many song because I got mid test, and I give this post as My favourite songs, I include non touhou music for this and I gave you some reference about my favourite wired musics and this is my 50th post.


15. Barrage Am Ring – Atypical Psychosis feat.WeatherH
For the first time I listen this song I feel want to shout something and running from the reality but this song makes my emotions relax (the genre of the song is Metal Step)

14. Poplica* – Resolution
This song makes me don’t change your looking for some matter and keep optimist

13. Syrufit – Another vision
This song for me are the best arrangement for Highly Responsive to Prayers and this song makes me always nostalgia to syrufit

12. Shibayan – MyonMyonMyonMyonMyon!
This song makes me imagine about Youmou and her half ghost, her half ghost are jumping around and make a voice about this song title

11. t+pazolite – Drunk Crunk Franken
This song is full of cute melody and I feel drunk to this song and this song I like from t+pazolite

10. Roughsketch vs ARM – Border of Extasy
Thanks to this song and IOSYS, I still can imagine about yuri stuff from this song

9. Noizenecio – Nighttime Fears
This song makes me feel cold for the night and makes me fearing about night (midnight)

8. RD-Sound – タイド・コラプション (Tied Corruption)
This song are the best for the traditional drum and makes me imagine about birds inside the cage and can’t let go

7. EastNewSound – Rot in hell!!
About this song is arrangement of U.N. Owen but this song have cool vocal and makes me want to listen again and again until I bored to this song (^_^)

6. Babbe Music – CHERRY PETALS
This song is similar to your smile, your face, your lies, your love and I salute him (Babbe) for hard works to makes      this song so beautiful

5. Pizuya’s Cell – Amour Structure
This song have powerful drum and give me to feel the new rock style and for the vocal is okay for me

4. t+pazolite – Ape The Rave
The new style from t+pazolite speed core, the drum beat are so rough than before and the speed increase and gone     to insane

3. FELT – Sky Gate
This song makes me want fly to the sky and touching the sky and feel the wind breeze

2. FELT – New World
This song open my mind to protect something for me are important

1. Anipix/Syrufit – Stigma & Snowy Cherry
This song is the top list of my favourite songs for the first I was confuse to make the top one Stigma or Snowy Cherry and now I’ve been choose to put this song.